June 24, 2024
Bashian P.C. Attorney and Counselors at Law

Bashian P.C. Attorney and Counselors at Law

Bashian P.C. Attorney and Counselors at Law, The four senior attorneys at our law firm, Gary E. Bashian, Andrew R. Frisenda, Michael G. Hanrahan and Hayley A. Chittenden, and all attorneys in our firm, have over 120 years experience in providing personal service to our clients.

Additional Related Areas of Practice
• Family Business & Corporate Litigation Relating to Estates, Complex Trust & Estate & High Income & High Asset Preservation Including Planning for Future Generations for High Net Worth Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives & Investment Bankers
• Corporate & Business Law & Litigation
• Matrimonial & Family Law & Litigation
• Infant & Adult Guardianship Law & Litigation

We strive to provide you the best possible outcome through individualized attention and careful, fact-finding and tax analysis to honor your wishes to protect your family, not just from a tax perspective, but to protect all family members.

Ken Jewell of Jewell Law, PLLC

Jewell Law, PLLC, has a long history of counseling clients seeking to resolve deeply personal matrimonial and family law matters that are often urgent, stressful, and of great importance. The firm, powered by experienced attorneys, advises clients in all areas of family law — from prenups and postnups to divorce, including child custody and support, spousal support and property distribution, and enforcement actions. Jewell Law attorneys are committed to protecting their client interests in every aspect of a relationship — from first date to marriage to parenthood, and to separation or divorce. Mr. Jewell frequently finds himself helping clients successfully obtain rights and remedies in the most complicated of cases that were virtually out of reach when they initially retained the firm.

“Our emphasis is on resolving cases quickly and to our client’s satisfaction,” says Managing Partner Ken Jewell. “While we are always prepared to litigate, we seek to avoid unnecessary wars. We want the client feeling satisfied when the process ends.” “We counsel our clients to seek closure instead of revenge,” says Jewell. “For many clients, divorce is the end of a marriage, not the end of their world. Our job is to ensure clients move through the process positively and efficiently. We want the correct outcome for the client as they see it, whether their agreements are negotiated or litigated.”

Ken Jewell was named both a “Leader in the Law” and a “Leader in the Family Law” for 2018 by New York Magazine. The American Institute of Family Law Attorneys has named Jewell one of its “10 Best” for client satisfaction. Jewell is also a multi-year “Super Lawyer,” and many clients have benefited from his combined degrees in law and psychology. In marital strife, the question to answer is do you want to be happy or right?

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